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The outstanding beauty of marble mosaic is timeless but often with large floor projects, it may require some adjustment to archive its full grace. When installing a large and intricate hand cut mosaic, which is usually manufactured abroad, it seldom fits within the surface?s dimension or around columns and curved walls or sometimes even some sections of it have to be added or removed ,this problem, resulting in a need to resize the mosaic, must be accomplished without compromising the overall design.

One of our recent projects was the installation of a 145 M2 of hand cut polished marble mosaic floor for the London Royal Academy of Music, a repetitive fan shaped pattern with a border, around sections of it. This mosaic required extensive in-situ hand cutting work and the borders had to be adjusted to the right distance from all walls and around pillars, making the blending of all joints of paramount importance. The result is a splendid mosaic floor, a close match of the original 1911 floor, for all to be seen.